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Website Maintenance & Management

BearPlex provides website maintenance and management which includes revising, editing text, photos, services, products, etc or changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date.

Updates to WordPress core

WordPress core upgrades release periodically, and even through WP core will eventually update itself on site within time, it’s a good idea to update these core files manually and then check the front end to ensure that the site is still functioning in order. We make sure that the core is updated regularly and everything is checked to make sure its all in order.

Site Software & Extensions

To ensure compatibility between all site softwares and extensions, as well as the third party APIs should be upgraded when new versions become available.


Backups (of site files and the database/s) should be executed as often as possible. BearPlex will take care of the files backup that should be available 24/7/365 so no matter when the server crashes or something goes wrong, the backup is there.  As security measure, it is recommended to execute a manual back up of the website’s files and database/s relatively regularly. We export the SQL database & files and create an off-site copy of the site files as well as copies of backup on cloud.


Getting a website hacked and then getting it redirected to NSFW website is a nightmare. BearPlex builds layers of security to deter hackers and guard your site. These include 2-factor passwords, IP lockouts and login masking. BearPlex will also prevent your site from XSS vulnerabilities, brute force attacks. 404 lockouts to stop bots scanning for vulnerabilities, audit log of files, regular security keys update, automated scans and other security tweaks are also what we’re going to do to make sure you’re always safe!

Dedicated Support

Every month, you get dedicated support for over 20 hours. BearPlex will look into your queries, fix bugs on the system, implement new features whenever required or requested. This is to make sure you always have a room under this package to get new features implemented or new pages created. Our team is available to your around the clock for any emergency support too.

Site Health Checks

BearPlex will frequently check the site’s general health, including scanning for 404-page errors, broken links and suggest fixes. BearPlex will also take care of Google Search Console to make sure there’s no issue with site health that may effect your page ranking negatively.

Content Management

BearPlex will take care of the content management including any visual or textual change on the website. This can also addition of more pages like another service page.


We have a team of UI/UX Designers, Digital Marketers, Designers and Developers. If you have any query related to your website, get on a call with our team on Skype and we take care of your issues and guide you with the best way possible. If you want to refine your website’s user journey or try A/B testing on your site or anything technical of that sort, you’ll need or help and we’re there for you.

Technical SEO

Our team takes care of several factors when it comes to SEO. We’ll do frequency SEO checkups on the site to scan, analyze and send regular reports about the SEO status of the website. We can you help link keywords on blog posts with similar pages on the website for better SEO rankings. Other than that, we’ll take care of 301 redirects too so you take advantage of your page authority.

Website Monitoring

You don’t want your site to go down, you want your site to fly.. BearPlex will monitor your site every minute to make sure it’s up (and let you know if it goes down!) and graph your site so you can make sure everything is running super smooth.

Media Optimization

You’re going to upload blogs, update content and make it a happening website. But who takes care of the media content delivery? The compression? The blazing fast speed of the website without having to worry about getting images resized by a designer? BearPlex is here to assist you with that so you can focus on the things that matter.

Content Delivery Network

BearPlex helps you serve your website faster than ever using CDNs. We will send cached copy of your site’s images and other files to connected data centres so the content is served to user from the closet location to the visitor, giving a big overall boost to page loading speed.

Monthly Reports

We don’t like ghost maintenance service. You wouldn’t like it too. So we send you reports every month explaining you everything that has been done in the week. Your report will include you how website performed for the whole month, the results of security scanning, blacklist monitoring, IP lockouts and even complete audit record of everything that has happened to your site since the last report. Detailed record of your site’s uptime availability and ongoing response time as measured by our uptime monitoring service will also be sent.

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