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BearPlex helps you hire remote talent, with strong technical and communication skills.

Why Partner with BearPlex?

Discover the advantages of partnering with BearPlex for your staffing needs: transparent pricing, fair guarantees, flexible scaling, and unmatched expertise.

No hidden or initial costs

Experience transparent pricing with no hidden or unexpected fees. Focus on what truly matters without financial surprises.

Fair Price Guarantee

Connect with skilled developers fitting perfectly within your budget. Enjoy competitive and honest pricing with no surprise charges.

Expertise and Innovation

Benefit from our team’s extensive experience. We bring creative solutions and cutting-edge technology to drive your projects forward.

No minimum commitments

Scale your team to your precise needs with no minimum contract length. Enjoy complete flexibility to adjust to your unique requirements.

Traditional Employment

Quality/Cost Ratio

Cost per Hour

Time to Hire

Recruitment Fee

Deeply Vetted Developers

Retention Rate

Termination Cost

Global Payroll



From $27







Freelance Platforms


Very High

1-2 months






Traditional Employment



2-4 months

Very High



Very High


Software Developer Team


per developer, per month

Best for companies that are looking to build a connected and well-suited team for a software development project.

Full-time Developer


per month

For companies seeking a developer with specific skills and expertise, ready to integrate into your projects on a full-time basis.

Part-time developer


per developer, per hour

Ideal for companies in the early stages of business development seeking a developer on a part-time basis.

Our Seamless Staff Augmentation Process

Discovery & Requirements Gathering

We start with a comprehensive discovery call to understand your specific resource needs, project goals, and organizational requirements. This initial step ensures we are aligned with your expectations and can tailor our approach to meet your unique demands.

Talent Search and Evaluation

Leveraging our extensive network of skilled professionals and our bench of readily available talent, we promptly identify suitable candidates. Our global network allows us to source top-tier talent efficiently, ensuring the right fit for your project.

Client Interviews

We arrange interviews between the shortlisted candidates and your team. This step ensures that you have direct input in selecting the best professionals who align with your project requirements and cultural fit.

Continuous Support and Management

Once the ideal candidates are selected, we align them with your project timelines. If the resources are available immediately, integration is swift. If not, we ensure their availability within an agreed-upon timeframe, guaranteeing a smooth transition into your team.

Onboarding and Integration

Our commitment doesn’t end with onboarding. We provide ongoing support and management to ensure the augmented staff is delivering value and meeting your expectations. Regular check-ins and performance reviews are part of our continuous support model.

Engagement Models

Project-Based Model

For clients seeking a well-defined, scoped-out approach. This model is ideal for those with specific, one-time project requirements or for tasks with clear deliverables and deadlines.

Flexible Hourly Engagement

This approach allows you to scale work up or down based on project demands and provides the agility to adjust requirements as the project evolves.

Staff Augmentation

Skilled developers from BearPlex integrated seamlessly into your existing team, working exclusively for you. You will have full control over project and team in this model.

Fractional Talent at Fractional Cost

Hire Fractional Talent

At BearPlex, we understand that the best talent is often already hired. That's why we offer Fractional Talent Services, allowing you to access top-tier developers, designers, project managers, product managers, and CTOs on a part-time basis. Our flexible model ensures you get the expertise you need without the full-time commitment. Perfect for scaling efficiently, our professionals integrate seamlessly into your projects, providing high-quality results and driving innovation.

Benefits of BearPlex Fractional Talent:

  • Access Elite Talent: Hire the best in the industry fractionally.
  • Cost-Effective: Pay only for the hours you need
  • Scalable Support: Adjust talent levels as your project demands.
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