Reasons To Switch To IT and Where To Find Related Jobs

Information Technology started off as a wave and eventually became the ‘talk of the town’ and every parent’s dream for their child. Now, one might suggest choosing the field that resonates with their taste. However, its importance can not be denied. The field does it all from generating revolutionary ideas to executing them in striking ways. 

Human dependence has increased drastically over the years, to the point where we can barely function in society if we don’t have access to it. As petrifying as the development might seem, we’ve reached a point where it’s impossible to take the next step towards progress without the high-class tech. 

IT has become a household name and is no longer restricted to the ‘nerdy’ kids. The stigma attached to it has slowly diminished over the years, with more and more people getting attracted to it, which just goes to show how lucrative it has become.

There are reasons behind why the youth has grown tired of their chosen professions and is seen switching towards the field mentioned above.

Many reasons, in fact. Let’s explore a few:

  1. The most common one would be the increment in pay. It is no secret that an IT professional can earn a lot more than someone with any other degree. The market demands for such individuals has only grown over the years as companies strive to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the industry’s changings demands. Each company must build a league of success hungry knights, ready to charge towards the opposing party.
  2. The second reason would be the opportunity to work from home. With the technological advances we’ve made, it has become easier than ever to get our work done without having to physically be in the office. This means that people can  finally take that much-needed break they always wanted or take their time off whenever they want without having to worry about
  3. The third reason would be the constant demand for such professionals. Unlike others, Information Technology does not experience any type of recession. The market for it is always open and in high demand. This gives employees a sense of security.

Risks and challenges come with any other field as well, but they are manageable. For example, a software engineer might have to work odd hours or on weekends in order to meet deadlines and avoid bugs that can cost the company a lot of revenue, which can directly affect the employee’s income. But again, this is something that comes with every other profession. Moreover, job security as mentioned above. Granted, not every profession offers this perk, which is why many are seen gravitating towards IT.

Now, the mentioned things were a few perks of IT. Let’s talk about where you can find jobs that offer unending growth, security and a lucrative amount of money.

The most common places people look for jobs are, the internet, newspapers and word of mouth. However, these days, the best way to find a job is by using different job portals.

  1. Indeed is a website that offers a wide range of IT jobs. The website includes full-time, part-time, and contract based work.  You can also filter your search according to the location, type of job, company and salary.
  2. Another website that is worth mentioning is Dice. Dice offers jobs that are tailored specifically for tech professionals. It includes a wide range of jobs such as web developers, big data engineers and network administrators. The website includes a salary calculator so you can get an estimate of how much you’ll be making.
  3. LinkedIn is also a great website to find jobs. It includes jobs from different industries and allows you to apply with just a few clicks. Rest assured because all it requires is a well-built
  4. The best way to go about finding a job, however, is by networking. Attend different tech events and meetups in your city and introduce yourself. Attend job fairs and don’t forget to have a few copies of your resume with you. Get in touch with people who are already working in the industry and ask for advice. You can also join different online communities that focus on different sectors that come under the umbrella of information technology.
  5. Pakistan is currently experiencing a shortage of IT professionals. This is why the government has made it a priority to invest in this sector. They have set up different training institutes where people can go and get trained in various fields of Information Technology. The best part is that most of these courses are free of cost. Learning is highly crucial in this field and will eventually lead you to the next certified job portal once you’re finished receiving the required training.
  6. Rozee.pk is a safe and easily accessible job portal which can be used to apply to different positions at various companies. You’ll come across plenty of tech related jobs that offer lucrative salaries depending on your experience. However, even a little experience with the right guidance can go a long way.

The final option is to choose the freelance route. This has its own set of pros and cons, but it is a great way to get your foot in the door. You can find different clients by using different job portals or social media platforms. However, do keep in mind that freelancing also requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

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