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Mobile App

We help startups develop their MVP, iterate to product-market fit, or scale big.

By bringing in award-winning product / UX design and world-class tech talent in iOS, Android and backend development, BearPlex is a group of individuals, motivated by a deep appreciation for building elegant and functional apps. We know inside-out, as we’ve been working with them from way back when mobile apps were born. 

iOS Development

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch; we’ve seen it all. From the hundreds of top apps we’ve made, we’ve best team to developed iphone app and every Apple base and we would love to do it again. It is our job after all. Our team is skilled in Swift, C and Objective-C to suit your app coding needs.

Android Development

From Gingerbread to Pie, we have coded for them all. A large chunk of the apps that we’ve developed have been for the Android platform. Be it a simple phone, a custom phone or an Android wearable, we have left no stone unturned. Coding is our passion and we give only the best

Solid Backend On Top of Cloud

Our developers can help you integrate all your needs through the backend into the application. We can handle your enterprise CRM integration, consumer integration, push notifications, storage, security, mobile payments, GPS, and more. And, we can also provide you help with user management, seamless connections with APIs, cloud storage or integration with social networks.

Technology Stack

Technologes that we have grip on

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